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RocCityNews is a news-orientated website that mixes the best in independent reporting, informed commentary, and aggregated news linkage on Rochester, New York. Based in the heart of Flower City, RocCityNews focuses on relevant local news, business, sports, entertainment, and events around the city and its surrounding areas. The site went live in February 2015 and is read daily by a young, tech savvy audience looking for alternative sources for news and events, in addition to a place to share their opinions, photos, and videos of news as they see it happening.

Is RocCityNews a blog, journalism, or something else?

We are all that and more. We’ve been called a news site, a blog, a news aggregator, and an online journal. You can refer to us as anything you want. Many of our stories are pulled and cited from reputable news organizations’ RSS feeds, along with original articles written by staff writers and independent bloggers.  As we make a bigger push with RocYourPost for local-user-generated-content (including: news, photos, video, events, opinions, and social media commentary) we may become something else.

Email is the best way to send a news tips, feedback, compliments, or complaints: editor@www.roccitynews.com. You may also mail directly to our offices at:

72 Cascade Drive, 2nd Floor
Rochester, New York 14614