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Ex-Leader of Baltimore County Schools, a Tech Booster, Pleads Guilty to...

The former official, Dallas Dance, has been at the center of questions about the relationships between school officials and education technology companies.

How Companies Scour Our Digital Lives for Clues to Our Health

An emerging field, digital phenotyping, tries to assess people’s well-being based on their interactions with digital devices.

Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for...

A new feature on the iPhone Health app will allow users to automatically download blood test results and other data from their health care providers.

Can Sweatcoin, a Hot Fitness App, Keep You Off the Couch?

Sweatcoin has been a popular download for months by offering a twist to fitness tracking. Users gain “sweatcoins” that can be used to buy products.

How Big Tech Is Going After Your Health Care

Apple, Google, Microsoft and other giants are accelerating their efforts to remake health care with new tracking apps, sensors and other tools.

Now on Oracle’s Campus, a $43 Million Public High School

Putting a publicly funded charter school on the campus of a Silicon Valley giant is a new twist on the evolving relationship between big tech companies and schools.

Education Disrupted: Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues

As teachers launch personal brands and cast themselves as influencers, start-ups and tech giants alike are racing to cultivate them to spread their wares.