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Rochester's police union to sue over PAB

I'm dismayed and saddened that Mike Mazzeo, President of the Rochester Locust Club has chosen once again to adopt an adversarial and obstructive stance with regard to providing effective Police accountability and transparency to the larger community which his organization serves.

Mr. Mazzeo seems to be oblivious to the mutual benefits of collaboration, cooperation, and compromise which form the basis of productive collective bargaining and sound municipal governance. By persisting in his unproductive approach, Mr. Mazzeo abdicates his mandate to provide effective leadership for his fellow officers and for the wider community of citizens who they serve.

If Mr. Mazzeo continues his obstinate and inflexible position in the face of overwhelming community support, he is likely to find that he has become irrelevant as times change around him.


I am very concerned that my fellow citizens of Rochester overwhelmingly approved a Police Accountability Board to advise, oversee, and discipline our police officers.

If the union representing the police know the law as well as the union that represents city school teachers, then this proposition will be found to be illegal. If and when that happens, I believe that the credibility of the Police Accountability Board Alliance executive team that pushed this proposal will be seriously damaged. How can an alliance that can't get the basic legality of their own proposal right be entrusted with disciplining the police?

Anyone who cannot tell the difference between what people may sincerely desire and what is actually legal has no business disciplining the police. All people who have a complaint with the police should receive a fair hearing by people who understand the basics of the law.


What happens to Cheryl Dinolfo?

Given Cheryl Dinolfo's recent defeat at the polls, one is given to wonder whether the Rochester Regional Transit Service will be providing her with a well-paid executive position as it did for Maggie Brooks following her retirement as county executive.

Brooks retired from RTS this year after stints as vice president of strategic initiatives and executive vice president for customer and community engagement since 2016. The positions were newly created and carried annual salaries of $114,000 and $150,000, respectively, plus the opportunity to earn bonuses.


"Lettuce" not fight about Webster's proposed lettuce greenhouse

I live on State Road in Webster and I agree this type of project is great. But why does it need to be set up on farmland? It could just as easily be set up on some of that already despoiled Xerox campus. Build the stuff right out there on the already-poured cement. Better yet, use some of the abandoned buildings for your grow structures! Think outside the box, people.



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