Scavenger Sunday 

Before the workweek begins, it's high time you relaxed

Many people begin a lazy Sunday by meeting friends for brunch, but the popularity of that nebulous meal often means long waits for a table, crowded eateries, and feeling more rushed than you'd like. That's not everyone's idea of a relaxing day. Self-care Sunday has become a term among my group of friends, most of whom work nine-to-fives and are relishing staying in when they don't have to go out.

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A slow-paced day of catching up on chores, reading, or dredging Netflix for something binge-worthy is where it's at. Maybe an afternoon glass of wine on the porch. Maybe a toke or two. But what's for dinner? Some of my more focused friends love cooking while stoned and come up with concoctions that range from uniquely delicious to just, well, unique. Others insist they can't be trusted to remember they were cooking and end up burning their meal. If we're keeping with the theme of a luxury day off, it's good to have some food on hand. So we asked some folks who get foggy: What are your ideal leftovers to have in the house when you've smoked and want to snack?

"The Ra-cha-cha Nachos from Neno's," one friend told me without a second thought. But she recommends an embellishment: "I throw an egg on the top and stick them in the toaster oven." (Tortilla chips, Monterey Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, ghost pepper cheese sauce, queso fresco & crema Mexicana; chicken or carnitas $9 / beef $10)

I know what you're thinking: "But Becca, won't stoners inhale anything and everything within reach?" I mean, there was definitely a percentage of answers that included junk food, including from my pal who said he craves Pop Roc's Dumbo cereal combo (Nutter Butter, Reese's Puffs, chocolate covered peanuts, and chocolate almond milk, $4), but smoking makes him antisocial so he tries to recreate the recipe at home. Then there's the vegan friend who plans ahead by ordering two treats whenever she visits Misfit Doughnuts and Treats, and saves one to surprise her grateful future self.

But yeah, it's a good idea to put something besides sugar in your system. It turns out that some of my friends are Cannabis-induced connoisseurs. "My most recent favorite leftover was Fiamma's sopressata calzone," a buddy told me. "Actually I don't think I was high, but I might have been. Anyway, it's still amazing reheated." (San Genaro calzone: mozzarella, sopressata salame, Pecorino romano, $15)

Now we're talking. If you already have the leftovers of a delicious meal on hand, you'll be less tempted to devour a whole bag of chips. Of course, you don't have to spark joy to appreciate the bliss of not leaving the house but not cooking, either.

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